• Sri Lanka

    The island of Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean. This island of Sri Lanka is the 25th largest island the world and the second largest island in the Indian Ocean. If you see the world map Sri Lanka island is only a small speck south of Indian peninsula in Asia. But this tiny island nation is home to 20 million people!

    It is 25,600 square kilometers large. The island resembles the shape of a pear or mango fruit with the a small peninsular tips called Jaffna making the north. From north to south the Sri Lanka island measures more than 400 Km and from east to Colombo in the west coast it measures 230 odd kilometers. This country was formerly known as Ceylon and you guessed right if you it has to do something with Ceylon Tea. This is the island from which you get the famous and best brands of tea collectively called Ceylon tea. This Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka is blessed with natural beauty of every kind.

  • Dubai

    Dubai is located on the Eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, in the south west corner of the Arabian Gulf. It is extremely well known for its warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage, and the Emirati people are welcoming and generous in their approach to visitors. With year-round sunshine, intriguing deserts, beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels and shopping malls, fascinating heritage attractions and a thriving business community, Dubai receives millions of leisure and business visitors each year from around the world.

    Although Dubai is seen as a relatively young destination, it has a fascinating history and a vibrant heritage that offers visitors an intriguing glimpse into Arabian culture. A good place to start exploring the history and heritage of Dubai is the Dubai Museum: it is located inside Al Fahidi Fort, one of Dubai's oldest buildings dating back to 1787. There are other museums in Dubai and in surrounding emirates that also offer important insights into the history and growth of the city and of the United Arab Emirates.

  • Bangkok

    Bangkok certainly lives up to its reputation as a travel hot spot in Southeast Asia. The 'City of Angels' has funky markets, upmarket malls, a riverside full of surprises, a vibrant nightlife scene, many fabulous sights and attractions that reflect its unique heritage, and much, much more...

    Say goodbye to traffic jams, thanks to the city's modern skytrain and underground systems that cover a large area. Or explore the riverside area by a long-tail speedboat or river taxi. Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, Bangkok bursts with exciting opportunities. Not sure where to go though? Have a look at our Area Guides.